Romantic date ideas in phoenix

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Not everyone gets to see amazing sized saguaros or flowering cactus every day. I had an overwhelming response asking me when I was going to compile a list of Arizona date ideas, and specifically, date ideas Phoenix.

Romantic date ideas in phoenix

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Romantic date ideas in phoenix

Romantic date ideas in phoenix

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  1. There are special exhibits often, but the museum alone is worth your time and a date night. Fox has done such an amazing job creating restaurants with amazing atmospheres, amazing quality, and most of all amazing food.

    Do you know what happens at Taliesin West after dark? Dine, shop, and stroll through the galleries at Old Town Scottsdale's Thursday art walk.

    Break away from the mainstream sports action by checking out a roller derby bout featuring teams like the Bad News Beaters and the Tent City Terrors.

    Visit The Musical Instrument Museum I thought every major city had one of these until I got wise to the fact that this is the only of its kind in the U. Explore the thrift and vintage shops along the Melrose Curve.

    Tour the Tovrea Castle This is one of those gems of Phoenix that we got on a waitlist and waited a year to do.

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