Retroactive jealousy disorder

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Whatever it is, stop dwelling and start doing. Doing this removes you from your anxious state and grounds you once again in the present moment.

Retroactive jealousy disorder

In particularly severe cases of retrograde jealousy, it can forgo these triggers altogether and become an ever-present sensation at the forefront of the mind. Whatever it is, stop dwelling and start doing.

Retroactive jealousy disorder

Retroactive jealousy disorder

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  1. A story created in your own head. Disassociate yourself from your own thoughts and emotions by recognizing them as merely neurons and sensations, and without judgment or resistance.

    And yet… you still hate their past.

    You know they love you. This is the key to getting over a retroactive jealousy disorder.

    And finally, both forms of jealousy can be very hard to shake.

    That time she slept with a guy half an hour after meeting him — He must have really loved her to buy her a car — I wonder if she had anal sex with him? So, what can the sufferer of retroactive jealousy do to break the cycle?

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