Residential placement for sex offenders

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An actuarial procedure for assessing risk with juvenile offenders. Child protection and child abuse prevention 'down under': As a result, they serve out their maximum sentences in facilities and are released to the community with no supervision or treatment of any kind.

Residential placement for sex offenders

Current relocation practices in Australia have little research to guide good practice. Further, separating the adolescent from their family may reinforce the adolescent's perception that they are being ostracised for their inappropriate sexual behaviour, fuel a sense of rejection, and increase denial.

Residential placement for sex offenders

Residential placement for sex offenders

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  1. Heightened media attention and misinformation about sex offenders can result in resistance from community members regarding the presence of sex offenders and their families in certain neighborhoods. One of the primary advantages of a comprehensive treatment program for the whole family is that the agency is in contact with both parents and the child victim and this makes it highly likely that any subsequent offending would be reported to therapists.

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    Generally, each situation is assessed on a case-by-case basis, with protection of the victim being the main consideration.

    Extended periods in care can erode the adolescent's place in the family home, making it difficult to return and undermining the positive influence that parents can have.

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