Relationship hug

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You should consider yourself the luckiest one if your partner hugs you in this manner, maintaining a proper eye-contact. This type of hug is reserved for people who are in a romantic relationship. Dancefloor Hug - This type of hug is also usually reserved for romantic partners.

Relationship hug

A hug between romantic partners is much different than a hug between two people who have just met. The hugger and huggee wrap their arms tightly around each other and may rock back and forth while embracing to emphasize affectionate feelings.

Relationship hug

Relationship hug

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  1. It is quite common and acceptable for women to hug other women frequently and for long durations. Me-Hug — Just as the name implies, this is a hug that you give to yourself.

    Simply face the person you are hugging and press your cheek against his or her cheek briefly.


    The huggee may even rest his or her head on the shoulder or chest of the hugger for comfort. The cuddle can also be described as a close, affectionate and prolonged embrace.

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