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These are a great value! Definitely need two to get him to come back with the first one.


Report Last longer than any other ball By AnimalLove on Jan 7, My dog loves fetch but always seems to destroy her balls. Roxy is an Australian Shepherd and if she sees one imperfection in a toy she will exploit it until she destroys it.



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  1. I wish I could find a ball this size but more durable. The rebounce ball is okay, but it has corners and those corners are what she starts to chew if we don't watch her carefully.


    I will definitely Buy them over and over again, just because my dogs like to lose balls everywhere:

    Please try again later. By Neenee on Dec 31, I like the ball because my dog has not been able to chew it into pieces yet.

    The Rebounce ball has a hole in it so it also whistles when you throw it, but it seems the Whistler ball is a bit louder. After purchasing the Chuckit!

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