Real artists don t starve review

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He asked his good friend C. Rarely has so much useful content been put in such an unpleasant and unpalatable context.

Real artists don t starve review

Michelangelo was astoundingly rich. That myth is that real artists starve.

Real artists don t starve review

Real artists don t starve review

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  1. And like all myths, it may be a powerful story, one we can orient our entire lives around. Michelangelo was astoundingly rich.

    Artists, he says buy into this myth because they hold onto several limiting beliefs. We can imagine him painting the Sistine Chapel for one of the richest patrons in his history while surviving on a frugal life.

    And in so doing, he laid forth twelve precepts that need to be drilled into the minds of every single creative.

    I followed his advice and waited the duration of , during which time I went from 10, to over , email subscribers.

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