Ray oldenburg

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The idea that electronic communication permits a virtual third place is misleading. We have the nimblest fancy, a richer memory, our dumb devil has taken leave for a time.

Ray oldenburg

The magic of commended strangers fades as one comes to know them better. The third place, however, retards that fading process, and it does so by keeping the lives of most of its regulars disentangled.

Ray oldenburg

Ray oldenburg

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  1. They have problems and weaknesses like everyone else and, as their luster fades, so does their ability to inspire our wit, memory, and imagination. Third places, in this context, allow people to help one another.


    Making sure they get what makes them happy and so on. And they may be very different from you.

    Libraries, fellowship halls and churches, remodeled YMCAs and coffee houses that are affordable to anyone.

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