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He was born in Spain shortly before the fanatical Muslim Almohades came to power there. After being persecuted by the puritanical Almohades during a time of great political upheaval in Spain, Maimonides and his family fled to Fostat in Egypt. Maimonides writes that the second type of evil is relatively rare, and that humanity brings it upon itself.

Rambam biography

These are the result of people falling victim to their physical desires. Maimonides is said to have been influenced by Asaph ha-Jehoudi , who was the first Hebrew medical writer. Moses continued his studies in his favourite subjects, rabbinics and Greek philosophy, and added medicine to them.

Rambam biography

Rambam biography

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  1. Thanks to his intellectual ability he quickly rose to be one of the most influential physicians of his time, and became the official doctor to Saladin, the ruler of Egypt.

    Later codes of Jewish law, e.

    The problem of evil[ edit ] Maimonides wrote on theodicy the philosophical attempt to reconcile the existence of a God with the existence of evil. Some of them return, and read with me after the afternoon service until evening prayers.

    Moses Maimonides Moses ben Maimon; — , a native of Spain, is incontestably the greatest name in Jewish medieval philosophy, but his reputation is not derived from any outstanding originality in philosophical thought. In Rabbi Judah ibn Shoshan, with whom Moses had studied, was arrested as a practicing Jew and was found guilty and then executed.

    He lived during the 'Golden Age' of Spain in the twelfth century where Jews and Christians lived in peace under Muslim rule. Theology[ edit ] Maimonides equated the God of Abraham to what philosophers refer to as the Necessary Being.

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