Raise cellvalidating event datagridview

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Row Fail - When clicked, the Row Fail state is enabled. You appear to be actually modifying the value itself, which is not formatting.

Raise cellvalidating event datagridview

There are several variations to the general case, but let's start by assuming that the grid edit mode DataGridView. The toolbar buttons can be used to simulate responses provided by the validation event handlers.

Raise cellvalidating event datagridview

Raise cellvalidating event datagridview

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  1. Buttons are also provided which allow you to affect the behaviour of the event handlers.

    The point of the CellValidating event is for you to test the contents of the cell and determine whether it satisfies one or more conditions and reject it if it doesn't. Reject Edit - When clicked, the Reject Edit state is enabled.

    For example, a different sequence of events may be generated when a cell fails to validate.

    It doesn't actually look like formatting is what you're doing anyway.

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