Radical acceptance

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Sometimes, if you have accepted, you just have this sense of being centered, like you feel centered inside yourself somehow. Maybe you have a permanent disability.

Radical acceptance

Kind of go back there. Because fighting reality only intensifies our emotional reaction, she said. But remember that radical acceptance is about acknowledging reality — not liking it or contesting it.

Radical acceptance

Radical acceptance

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  1. That if you wanted to go through it, you could. Now, sit back, close your eyes and go back in time to right before you found out that you've lost what you had or right before you've found out that you weren't going to get what you wanted.

    Suffering, agony, are pain plus non-acceptance. Maybe you didn't get a job that you really wanted - there's nothing you can do about it.

    That's the first thing you could do.

    They get knocked down, they get up, and they go again.

    So that's the third thing you can do. We're going to go over those too.

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