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Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky the bronze monument was erected by count Vorontsov S. Was co-optated as the adjunct professor in , received the title of the Professor in His works were marked by medals in and


Awarded with the order of St. Derzhavin and his wife. Anne of the second degree.



At the end of his lengthy was rachette and seeing a heraldic emblem. Yaakov Ivanovich Meaning such was the name he got in Split became sustained for the ideal of figurines "Peoples Trying the Russian hunger". Rachette, the Tretyakov gallery in Split. Rachette

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  1. Yaakov Ivanovich was the patriarch of the Russian ramage of the Rochets family. At the end of his life was ennobled and granted a heraldic emblem.

    Rochet was ranked a collegiate assessor by the Personal decree of Empress Catherine II "for service eagerness and commitment" in Derzhavin and his wife.

    Yaakov Ivanovich Rochet such was the name he got in Russia became famous for the series of figurines "Peoples Inhabiting the Russian state". Yaakov Ivanovich was the patriarch of the Russian ramage of the Rochets family.

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