Pua kino escalation

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Here is another routine: Whereas early-set kino can feel casual and incidental, an element of deliberateness should enter your kino here. Kino escalation is done in steps, slowly over time, with the goal of making the girl progressively more comfortable with your touch and proximity.

Pua kino escalation

By NOT touching any more, she will feel as if something is "missing" when you are NOT touching her and come back to you and want more. Touching girls as cruel as this may sound Make it seem weird if you were to stop touching her.

Pua kino escalation

Pua kino escalation

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    You can keep bringing such kino steps back as a spice several times in Comfort, when she is least expecting it. Dancing — If you have a dance floor you can take advantage of that to get some serious kino going.

    In addition to making her more comfortable with your proximity, this routine communicates that you know how to touch a woman and that you understand anticipation and sexual teasing. Part of this comes from the way we were raised to NOT invade people's personal space.

    Whenever the girl escalates, you can consider all lower levels of kino to be unlocked.

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