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Sections taken from heart right and left ventricles showed a normal epicardial lining with unremarkable myocardial musculature. Various investigations viz, radiological, perfusion scan, lung biopsy and pulmonary fluid cytology are reported in literature which can be very useful to diagnose PTTM.


The proximal pulmonary arteries do not show any defects on contrast-enhanced CT scans of patients with PTTM, unlike tumor emboli showing them. Both lungs appeared boggy and subcrepitant. During hospital stay his condition deteriorated further and on fifth day of admission, despite all our efforts the patient could not be revived and was declared dead.



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  1. Rectal lumen was narrowed and thickened 1. Rigor mortis had set in and postmortem lividity present.

    He had poor compliance to medicines and was lost to follow up for last 8 months.

    Clinical features noted in patients with PTTM may present as progressive dyspnea, sub-acute respiratory failure with pulmonary hypertension rapidly progressive right sided heart failure and sudden death [3].

    On examination, patient was breathless and gasping.

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