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School of Seven Bells — musical group named after a mythical pickpocket academy Blackguard Children — usually poor or homeless orphans who made a living through begging and pickpocketing. Methods of operation and targets[ edit ] Men and women pickpockets tended to operate in different locations: Opportunists also target people sleeping at the beach and waiting around with their luggage in airports.

Professional pickpocket

Borra, arguably the most famous stage pickpocket of all time, became the highest-paid European performer in circuses during the s. They might be distracted more easily or not very good at hiding their pin number.

Professional pickpocket

Professional pickpocket

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  1. In , a case at the Old Bailey made it clear that this was supposed to prevent people who had been robbed while they were drunk to prosecute the defendant in most of cases that meant men who had been robbed by prostitutes: Methods of operation and targets[ edit ] Men and women pickpockets tended to operate in different locations:

    The "pick" pretends to accidentally bump into the mark from behind and graciously apologizes while removing the mark's wallet.

    George Barrington is also referenced in the film.

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