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Each Demi-Pair has different strength and weaknesses so it works best if you can be a bit flexible with your schedule to accommodate these. Most of our Demi-Pairs are non-smokers.

Priceless sydney

We have a document helping you create a working schedule, including a sample schedule that we email to families in our placement confirmation email. A few years ago, while Patrik worked full-time, I juggled my own part-time work and housework with home-schooling our three children - daughter Zorana and twin sons, Vinnie and Alec. Guys are expected to do the same jobs as girls with housework, cooking, meal preparation and laundry.

Priceless sydney

Priceless sydney

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  1. As a host family, you need to provide a private room, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We recommend that the host family encourages their newly-arrived Demi-Pair to have a shower and freshen up first.

    If a Demi-Pair smokes, the host family is made aware of this before placement confirmation. We recommend timing a task when you do it and multiplying by about 1.

    How can I qualify as a host family? So, welcome your Demi-Pair and let them settle in for a day.

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