Preg sex vid

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If you're under 35 and have had properly timed intercourse for 12 months, or 35 or older and have been trying for six months, then it's time to see the doctor for a fertility evaluation. This method is more expensive than tracking your temperature, but may be more accurate.

Preg sex vid

Interested in getting pregnant? So if you subtract 14 days from the length of your cycle, you'll get an idea of when you ovulate. This is probably the most misunderstood part of the conception puzzle.

Preg sex vid

Preg sex vid

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    For example, if you have intercourse once you've ovulated, you may be too late! If you try this several times over a single day and don't see any mucus at all, you're probably not in a fertile period of your cycle.

    So if you subtract 14 days from the length of your cycle, you'll get an idea of when you ovulate.

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