Positive thinking gurus

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They put regular effort into filtering out the negative crap that life hands us. The one with the seemingly perfect life that makes you feel like you are doing it all wrong?

Positive thinking gurus

Read through the interviews of your favorite positive people and discover new insights for yourself. It's not really all small stuff, as Carlson himself acknowledged, but overdramatisation is usually a major component of worry and anxiety.

Positive thinking gurus

Positive thinking gurus

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  1. It is well within your control to not allow this junk into your life. It's a relatively elaborate system that will appeal most to those whose idea of a pleasant Sundayafternoon involves colour-coding their to-do lists with felt-tip pens.

    More positive emotions, in any case, usually follow once you start taking action.

    If this means turning off the news and flipping on some HGTV, do it.

    If you need some peer-reviewed studies to convince you to show appreciation to your partner, keep a gratitude journal, or invest in friendships, you'll find it in Lyubomirsky's work. Whatever it is that is making you feel bad, stop doing that and positive thinking will follow.

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