Port stephens go karts

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Parents, don't you worry! The investigation also found he had failed to properly cover moving parts of the go-kart, that the track was not properly supervised and there was no warning system in case of emergency. One go-cart on the property was found to lack proper guarding while the other had not been certified for use.

Port stephens go karts

The go-cart used in the accident has similarly been taken away for forensic examination by police authorities. Kids as young as 3 have taken to the track, so whatever age - on your marks, get set - GO!

Port stephens go karts

Port stephens go karts

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  1. Further WorkCover investigations have now found Mr Hogan had failed to ensure customers either removed or secured loose clothing or prevented them from riding. He added, "Her clothing had wrapped around her neck".

    There is only one way to find out! Contact website How to get here What is there to do?

    Rimo Schumacher Senior Kart: Those little Lewis Hamilton's will be in safe hands because safety is their top priority.

    For those smaller kids, they have their own Junior Karts which are special - some of the only double karts in the country that allows the passenger to actually take control and drive!

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