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Pomegranates bigger than babies' heads are growing in California's San Joaquin valley. The owners of the company, Stewart and Lynda Resnick, have come under fire for their water management tactics, which some say have given them an unfair advantage when it comes to crop irrigation in the western San Joaquin valley.

Pom wonderful del rey ca

Yeah, I'm kind of a geek when it comes to stuff like this. Lynda Resnick conceived and then insisted on the signature shape of the POM Wonderful juice bottle it looks like two stacked pomegranates, even down to the crown markings on the bottle's neck despite the fact that this shape was significantly more difficult - and thus expensive - to fabricate, fill and pack.

Pom wonderful del rey ca

Pom wonderful del rey ca

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In-store selection personalities surf to be reproduced with compatibility pomegranates I'm fascinated with Big Ag. Tries single on millions, therefore, not so much studies. Pom wonderful del rey ca

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  1. In-store display boxes waiting to be filled with ripe pomegranates I'm fascinated with Big Ag. It was Lynda Resnick who decided to put the name "Cuties" on their mandarins and market them directly to consumers to drive demand.

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