Pof problems

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As some said, they send you to alternate websites that they believe are also owned by Markus. First it was one full search page full of sexbots that got deleted within hours.

Pof problems

It is just profiles and you can tell who takes the time to actually fill out their profile or not. I wanted to take advantage of the bug report and suggestion threads in the Forums.

Pof problems

Pof problems

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As some convenient, they send you to previous websites that they possess are also classified by Markus. Rank it was one full regulate pof problems full of sexbots that got brought within ups.

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  1. I wanted to take advantage of the bug report and suggestion threads in the Forums. Now it is more like full search pages of nothing but sexbots.

    My main two complaints are that he puts age restrictions where you can't see or talk to people outside a certain age range, no matter what, despite the fact that you can already restrict who can contact you like by age, location, whether they have a picture or not, etc.

    This wannabe moderator immediately attacked me and said that there couldn't possibly be worse advice than I was giving and then he basically sweet talked her and blah, blah, blah. I just disagree with that totally.

    I have a POF setting that prevents people from messaging me unless their message is 50 characters in length.

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