Pof com au name search

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The option to select your intentions of being on POF makes it easy to find someone with similar relationship goals. Most profiles on POF have a fair amount of detail due to it being a requirement as part of the sign up profile. On both platforms though updating your profile and making contact with other users is very straightforward.

Pof com au name search

This helps with searching and matching with other members to ensure you are both looking for the same type of dating or relationship. The assessment also provides an action plan of items that you under or over value which are generally hidden from your awareness. You can also elect to have the test results visible on your profile.

Pof com au name search

Pof com au name search

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  1. Highlights POF has the flexibility of setting up and accessing your account online or as a dating app. I had been using Tinder quite a bit but finding that most of the girls I matched with hardly chatted and if they did, they never seemed keen on meeting up.

    The only thing we struggled with on the app was deactivating our account.

    Paid members get double that at 16 pics.

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