Pieter wispelwey melbourne

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Night three and Brahms Sonatas saw the return of Caroline Almonte in a concert that opened with the arrangement for cello and piano of the Op. Six years later, he began specializing in Baroque music. Pieter Wispelwey has made numerous recordings for the Channel Classics label, of which no less than six have won international awards.

Pieter wispelwey melbourne

Of course, there is much to be found within the Suites. Wispelwey is a musician of prodigious energy, and his program for this concert is just one of several daunting programs that he is to play in Melbourne this coming week. Jacqueline Porter's light and flexible vocal was well cast in delivering the innocence and simplicity of a child's view of heaven, despite being slightly underpowered.

Pieter wispelwey melbourne

Pieter wispelwey melbourne

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  1. The careful and spare use of vibrato was the practice up through the end of the 19th Century.

    This was a truly superhuman effort, which, apart from technical command, reveals a musical mind of abundant ideas.

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