Picking up a cougar

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Take it from someone who spent her youth as a mother - figure out now what you want and constantly update your wants as your situations change. Learning how to pick up older women is easier with confidence Confidence is hugely important when trying to pick up an older woman. To date like a cougar, cut out the girlfriends.

Picking up a cougar

Cougars are elegant, sophisticated women who know what they want so you need to reflect this in your own behaviour too. Men appreciate this immensely.

Picking up a cougar

Picking up a cougar

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  1. You can find time to hang out with them separately. No one wants to chat to someone looking miserable or taking themselves too seriously, so head out with likeminded friends, have some drinks and just see where the night takes you!

    If you really want to impress your older lady, then tell her why you think she is beautiful and interesting and funny.

    Look good A Cougar takes great pride in her appearance and will expect you to do the same. Learning how to pick up older women is easier with confidence Confidence is hugely important when trying to pick up an older woman.

    So put on your classiest outfit and head on over tonight!

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