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We arrived unexpectedly late on Friday night and he provided us with a wine and a lovely meal. To the east, Adelaide City centre unfolds in a bustling show of culture and charm. As of today, the Piccadilly Valley is renowned for its production of delicious sparkling wines made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, as well as its wines that are made from fruits on warmer, north-facing slopes.

Piccadilly adelaide

Fully equipped kitchen and a lovely garden with beautiful roses and other colorful flowers. If you would like a copy of the fees, please ask our reception staff.

Piccadilly adelaide

Piccadilly adelaide

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  1. For families and longer stay guests, the room configuration can be adjusted so that the 2nd suite becomes a sitting room. Because of its location behind the soaring Mount Lofty Ranges , the valley is actually one of the highest wine regions in Australia, which is why it produces more cool climate grapes than the other areas.

    The laundry is co-located with the kitchen and includes a Miele washer and dryer, ironing board and iron. More adventurous wine producers in the region have successfully been experimenting with northern Rhone-style Shiraz-Viognier blends and, like many of the other sub-regions in the wine valleys of Australia, the Piccadilly Valley is beginning to get a name for itself as a unique producer of delicious tipples.

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