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That goal was to assist the general public with the knowledge of Home Ownership. Mike and I have two beautiful daughters, Samantha and Alexa, who are active happy girls.

Pghs va

When I am not working, my interests include music, reading, animals, crocheting, needlework, travelling, photography, camping, touring wineries and spending time with my friends. I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University.

Pghs va

Pghs va

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  1. I am an accomplished equestrian and trainer, my competitive passion and love of horses has earned me numerous national awards. Love just helping people in general.

    Our team is comprised of long-standing employees and agents that are a direct reflection of how we do business. I have lived here all my life.

    At an early age I was taught that you should set goals and accomplish them. With her professionalism and strong communication skills, she strives to make the process of buying and selling a home an easy and enjoyable process.

    She is a Hopewell native and very familiar with the Tri-Cities area. Generations of customers and clients continue to refer friends, neighbors and strangers to our office.

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