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Mr Vince initiated a petition calling on Bathurst Regional Council to reject the development of a "puppy farm", which has received more than signatures. Mr Grima said the types of dogs people want - a decision influenced by the size of their yards and lifestyles - are sometimes not found in pounds or shelters.

Pets for sale illawarra

An artist's impression of the proposed dog breeding facility near Bathurst. Debra Tranter, a spokeswoman for animal welfare group Oscar's Law, which campaigned for the new laws in Victoria, said NSW legislation was "weak and ambiguous". High fences and "non-koala feed trees" are proposed to protect the koala habitat that adjoins part of the property.

Pets for sale illawarra

Pets for sale illawarra

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  1. Rockley Valley Park Pty Ltd Mr Vince said the motivation for the dog breeding facility was financial "and we have found that when money is the primary motivation the welfare of the animals becomes a secondary consideration".

    Tough laws in Victoria The proposal for a dog breeding facility follows changes to Victorian laws in December that restrict the number of fertile females that dog breeders can keep and permit pet shops to only sell dogs and cats sourced from shelters, pounds or enrolled foster carers.

    He said NSW law was "toothless" when it came to puppy farms. She also criticised the enforcement of the law in NSW:

    Mr Grima, the managing director of Kellyville Pets, described the demand for cavoodles - a hybrid of a king Charles cavalier spaniel and poodle - as "so high". She also criticised the enforcement of the law in NSW:

    John Grima's proposal to develop a dog breeding facility to supply poodle crossbreeds to his Kellyville Pets shop has provoked opposition from residents and animal welfare campaigners.

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