Petite fat ass

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Do a series of repetitions for each side. Since you are on the petite side, you will want to increase your overall calories with lean protein, clean carbs and healthy fats to provide the right nutrients to your body to help recover from tough workouts. You can perform a variety of this type of exercise by trying side lunges, lunge jumps, lunges with weights or lunges on an incline.

Petite fat ass

Activities like sprints, swimming, running stairs, martial arts, skiing and soccer can really help increase the size of your butt by building up the gluteus muscles. You can have a pear shaped body that stores fat in the butt or a body type that stores fat in the abdomen and hips. Repeat the exercise times and try to use heavy weights in order to build muscle mass in the glutes.

Petite fat ass

Petite fat ass

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  1. A lot of it comes down to genetics and your overall DNA makeup.

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