Perth prison visiting times

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These vary from basic education such as learning to read and write, practical skills and computing training, all the way to people completing degree courses, through distance learning. Visiting hours Visiting hours at prisons vary depending on whether the prisoner is remanded or sentenced, and appointments should be made up to 24 hours in advance, where possible.

Perth prison visiting times

Support for visitors At all WA Metropolitan prisons and some regional prisons, there are additional family support services available for visitors. The FCO contact number is

Perth prison visiting times

Perth prison visiting times

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    It is the offender's responsibility to inform their visitors what they can hand in and when. Right, pictures show the interior of the facility, including an inmate at work.

    The Tele spoke to one inmate called Ross, 32, from Perth.

    All prisons have a Code of Conduct reinforcing what behaviour is expected of prisoners and visitors during their visit.

    If you have any concerns at all - please talk to a member of staff. Visits are an important link in preparing prisoners for their life in the community when they are released.

    Toilet facilities are available in the centre.

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