Personalized nunchucks

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Buy Nunchaku online at our store usanunchaku. New Items For Sale. A student hauls out a Rubbermaid garbage bin filled with chopped-up pieces of Styrofoam pool noodles and begins pitching them, one by one, to the other students, who swat them in midair with their nunchucks, sending them flying around the room like gaily colored snowballs.

Personalized nunchucks

I got my idea from a friends halloween costume, he's is being a ninja but didn't have nunchucks, so I made him some. All of it evokes the militaristic, menacing world of weaponry:

Personalized nunchucks

Personalized nunchucks

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  1. These retractable nunchaku have handles that extend to approximately 14Studio Nunchaku Weighted for speed, adjustable Technora cord, two part grip for protection and control Choose a custom silicone color to personalize your chucks. You must be 18 years of age to purchase any kind of weapon on this site.

    The nunchaku was constructed of two hardwood sticks which were securely connected by rope braided from horses' tails.

    Please specify cord color choice when ordering.


    Full size steel Nunchuck Nunchakus from a pocket size belt case.

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