Pender christian services

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Liabilities not falling under one of the other categories. The figure is net accumulated ammortization. Total amount received from other registered charities.

Pender christian services

Not that she saw it that way, Jessica always said she wasn't handicapped, but handicapable. Total cash given to the charity for which tax receipts were issued.

Pender christian services

Pender christian services

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This revise also includes draw rights. Amounts owed by means and organizations. Lead amount of messages to unaffected tickets. Pender christian services

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  1. Her nieces and nephews were like the children she never had, and she took great joy in spoiling them completely rotten. She was a March of Dimes Ambassador once she was old enough, coming full circle as she started out as a March of Dimes baby.

    She grew a community garden that she all but funded herself, making sure the plants were in raised beds so she would be able to tend them from her wheelchair.

    This category also includes collection boxes. She cared deeply for those around her, and would enthusiastically help in any way she could.

    Total amount spent on charitable programs.

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