Peddling pump

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But when used effectively a wee bit of energy can go a long way. Genesis Vikram Rathore has four acres of land on which he cultivates cotton.

Peddling pump

This causes a check valve at the bottom to open, drawing water inside the chamber. Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh Category: This is a non-polluting and environment friendly device.

Peddling pump

Peddling pump

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  1. This device can be transported easily from one place to another. The bike-mounting frame can be built quickly and easily using only basic workshop tools and materials, including a few lengths of angle iron, some flat lengths of metal, bicycle seat posts and seat tubes, and a scrapped standard electric centrifugal water pump.


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    The supporting frame A triangular shaped supporting frame can be designed using a CAD software as shown in Figure 2. This, with only pedal power operation, is fantastic!

    This setup helps to rotate the pump at the required speed. Leary created the water-pumping machine using a normal bike, which is mounted into a frame with an old electric pump converted to a friction drive attached to the back wheel.

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