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Despite their infrequent occurrence, cis peptide bonds are very important in a variety of biological processes, such as protein folding, regulation, cell signaling and splicing of protein molecules 1. Although the reported results are promising, such refined dataset proline bonds diminishes the credibility of the proposed method. PBOND has been developed using high quality protein sequences, i.


Moreover, for every prediction a reliability index is computed. More specifically, multiple sequence alignment profiles, in the form of position specific scoring matrices PSSMs are obtained after running PSI-BLAST 8 against one of the provided protein databases; the choice of the database highly affects the computational time, whereas, only slight perturbations are expected in terms of performance. The evaluation of PBOND has been performed on fully balanced disjoint data segments coming from the initial unbalanced dataset 13,



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    The proposed rules were later tested on a larger dataset, yielding inferior results. The underlying structure of the server consists of three stages:

    In the latter, each model independently assigns a label cis-Pro, cis-nonPro, trans-Pro, trans-nonPro to every residue in the query sequence and then a linear time majority voting algorithm calculates the consensus of the 10 predictions. Table 2 It is clear that the feature selection improves to a certain extent the classification outcome; a further increment in the results is achieved using the consensus prediction of the 10 models.

    Proline Single sequence 77 77 Pahlke et al. Results obtained using the optimal reduced set of features.

    Bioinformatics Oxford, England , 21, Performance measures are shown with and without performing majority voting.

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