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And special mention must go to Adelaide jazz singer Jo Lawry, who was enlisted to help with duets and accompaniment, such as in the haunting 'Hounds of Winter' and Arabic-influenced 'Desert Rose'. The same occurred in 'Fields of Gold', perhaps because both singers tend to play around with variations on phrasing. What struck next, if you saw him just under two years when he toured without Novocastrian accompaniment, is how looser he is this time, how unburdened he comes across.

Paul simon sting perth

In solo mode, Sting was superb. Longtime friends Paul Simon and Sting shared the stage together, blending their voices and their bands. A bit of Creole-inspired jamming brought Sting to the stage again for 'Fragile', sharing the vocals with Simon - and, again, it was brilliant.

Paul simon sting perth

Paul simon sting perth

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Low edward views and picnic bars are severed. Simon sounded on the countryside and was much more related in his significance than during his lingering visit to Australia.

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