Partylite candles toxic

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I keep getting excuses but no results. When it arrived, the box was all broken. Does not want to deal with the situation.

Partylite candles toxic

I like the way PartyLite candles burn all the way to the bottom. I am concerned about some of the reviews I read about problems burning the candles and I have to believe that they are careless people who weren't given the knowledge of how long and how to take care of wicks, etc. Simply look at the tip of the wick and see if it has a metal core.

Partylite candles toxic

Partylite candles toxic

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  1. The consultant blames the recruiter - the recruiter blames the company. I can't believe they still burn beautifully!

    Never received these items. Needless to say, both of those shows cancelled on me and they both got the free booking gift at my show, which I'm getting an attitude about.

    I still have some of the candle from back then. The candles burn badly.

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