Parramatta catholic education

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It was found the termination of employment was related to the woman's lack of trust, respect and confidence in the workplace. All students enrolled in a Catholic school should be willing to participate in the religious activities of the school. These complaints were substantiated with "resounding evidence" of bullying.

Parramatta catholic education

He is the eldest in a family of five children, born to Gloria Maguregui. However, the court found the allegations of sexual harassment were not made out. Special consideration may be given to children of non-Catholic families for a number of reasons, after discussion with the school principal.

Parramatta catholic education

Parramatta catholic education

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  1. St John Paul II Catholic College - Schofields 22 Jan Teachers within the Diocese are responsible to the Principal and shares in the learning and teaching of subject matters to students of the school community. It is a collaborative ministry of witness and service and part of the evangelising mission of the Church.

    It is a collaborative ministry of witness and service and part of the evangelising mission of the Church.

    Enrolment[ edit ] Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta accept enrolments from students who are not Catholic. However, within each of these categories, a sibling of a child already enrolled has preference over an applicant who does not have a sibling enrolled in the school.

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