Oxytocin drug

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Further, oxytocin was correlated with participant desire to protect vulnerable in-group members, despite that individual's attachment to the conflict. What are some medical reasons for inducing labor? Oxytocin has also been implicated in lying when lying would prove beneficial to other in-group members.

Oxytocin drug

This possibly plays a role in the emotional bonding between humans and dogs. Suppositories are inserted into the vagina during the evening causing the uterus to go into labor by morning. In a carefully controlled study exploring the biological roots of immoral behavior, oxytocin was shown to promote dishonesty when the outcome favored the group to which an individual belonged instead of just the individual.

Oxytocin drug

Oxytocin drug

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  1. If the baby is in danger of not getting enough nutrients and oxygen from the placenta.

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