Optical dating recuperation after bleaching

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This offers the interesting possibility that partial bleaching could be used to examine sediment transport and reworking phenomena. More studies are required to determine whether high thermal transfer in the sediment from glacio-fluvial systems is a general phenomenon.

Optical dating recuperation after bleaching

Pioneering studies examining partial bleaching using single aliquots and single grains have come from various Australian river systems Murray, ; Murray et al, ; Olley et al, , Data with known problems not connected with partial bleaching were excluded from this analysis.

Optical dating recuperation after bleaching

Optical dating recuperation after bleaching

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  1. For recent samples less than years, there exists clear evidence of partial bleaching in both small-aliquot dose distributions and average age offsets; however the deviation from the expected ages is much less then what would be expected from the modern samples shown at 1 on the independent age axis in fig. Colls et al, and so age offsets that are partly laboratory artefacts.

    The age offset was years using weighted mean from the small aliquot results; the dose calculated from the leading edge method Lepper et al, using small aliquots and single grains were consistent with the expected age.

    Future efforts should focus on the single use of single grain analyses both to improve our understanding of sediment transportation and history, and to improve our fluvial chronologies for the past thousand years.

    Further, it is encouraging to note that the OSL ages are in agreement with the minimum-age data obtained using independent methods available for some samples Rittenour et al, ; Mol et al,

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