Openelec raspberry pi library not updating

Video about openelec raspberry pi library not updating:

Scroll down until you find the add-on, then install it. There will be many updates, so consider toggling this.

Openelec raspberry pi library not updating

Media library features are only available when you explicitly add a video or music source as described in adding music to the library and adding video sources. I've got a network share to a local server that I store tv shows and movies on. I've got it set to pull information from the TVDB.

Openelec raspberry pi library not updating

Openelec raspberry pi library not updating

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  1. Yozshutaxe

    Access the settings and you can configure whether or not each update has notifications.

    You can add as many different sources as you like.

    Anybody have any idea what the issue may be?

    By default all of your video sources will be scanned, but you can instead set specific folders to be scanned here.

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