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Fresh eggs from heritage chickens on green pasture. Gourmet Table Meat - Heritage turkeys take longer to mature than the commerical varieties thus giving more flavour and texture to the meat.

Ontario works madoc

We have a good supply of ground meat and thin cut grilling steaks along with a small supply of pot roast. The Chantecler is know as the all Canadian chicken.

Ontario works madoc

Ontario works madoc

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  1. The meat is lean yet well marbled and they are well suited to speciality niches such as grass fed and organic beef.


    They free range and graze in fields that have not been sprayed with any kind of chemical.

    At Kirkland's Heritage Farm all poultry run free on pasture with diets supplemented by certified organic grain.

    We specialize in heritage livestock that are just right for the family farm and life outdoors.

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