Olitz scenes

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Olivia was fed up with Fitz for not being the man of his word. First, who has that kind of money?

Olitz scenes

When Olivia was kidnapped. When Olivia admitted to being the mistress. There are some really dark threads to this season.

Olitz scenes

Olitz scenes

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  1. No one ever knew when it was going to be on, which was very frustrating for us and for the fans.

    Last year, when things were going so dark for Fitz and I mistreated Olivia, when I was cruel to her, I got a lot of people upset by that.

    I came out of the bathroom, and the flight attendant grabbed me and pulled me into the kitchen galley and started giving me relationship advice. The scene in the rose garden.

    First, who has that kind of money? This was one of the scariest moments on the show, which is why it makes it one of the most memorable.

    A lighter question then:

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