Older lesbiens

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Each group agreed that living close to other lesbians for social connection and emotional support was critical, even if it meant paying more for housing in Boston or being geographically isolated from specialized medical care on the Outer Cape. Housing A primary concern was the limited availability of housing that would meet their long-term needs in terms of accessibility, affordability, and proximity to social support. Health Soc Care Community ;

Older lesbiens

There were no differences based on geographic location. Demographic questionnaire findings corroborate the importance of social support. Issues confronting lesbian and gay elders:

Older lesbiens

Older lesbiens

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  1. A fear of in-home services by people outside of the gay community arose: Boston participants commented positively on access to healthcare, pointing out the wealth of healthcare and transportation options in the area.

    Several had little financial cushion, and the loss of either paid work or of a partner's income was described as potentially devastating and catastrophic.

    Department of Health and Human Services:

    King S, Dabelko-Schoeny H:

    For all focus groups, the discussion regarding housing centered on staying connected to friends and seeking affordable options to remain in their communities.

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