Old love songs from the 80s

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Madonna - 'Crazy for You' You'd be forgiven for not remembering the movie this song came from it was Vision Quest. The song was inspired by two eternal flames:

Old love songs from the 80s

It reached number one in the States a year and a half after its first release. The rest is history. However, Bjorn didn't intend it to happen this way.

Old love songs from the 80s

Old love songs from the 80s

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  1. While the film was a modest box-office success, the song became the second biggest-selling single of the year.

    She later said it was her favourite ABBA song to perform. George Michael - 'Careless Whisper' This was the song that made people stand up and take notice of George as a credible artist outside the pop fun of Wham!

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