N9 calendar feed not updating

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There is nothing special here. If you pull the screen up you will see a bar with four icons:

N9 calendar feed not updating

Despite the screen size it is pretty comfortable to use N9 for watching movies. The phone does not support Flash.

N9 calendar feed not updating

N9 calendar feed not updating

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  1. Tojalrajas

    You can open this bar in practically any menu where vertical scrolling is not available. I cannot mention anything special in this respect.

    Although you could use MS Exchange to export contacts to Exchange servers but it might be very tricky.

    Store The OVI prefix was dropped, because the concept proved not very successful and Nokia services were not in demand even despite the staggering number of handsets in circulation.

    Back in the day, my old Gmail account was in full-swing with my N9; syncing the email and calendar was never an issue, and everything worked brilliantly.

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