My daughter is promiscuous

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Be patient and work with your teen to find those motivations that speak to them. Inherently, people tend to only really listen to one person — themselves. She has been involved with different guys in a short period of time.

My daughter is promiscuous

Stress that you're aware that she's exploring her sexuality and you'll always love her unconditionally. Listen with empathy and understanding, even if you hold a different point of view.

My daughter is promiscuous

My daughter is promiscuous

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    Teenagers, especially teenage girls, need to be counseled and guided to understand the difference between sexual relationships as a way to fill the void that they are experiencing from either the loss of a male parent or even indifference as demonstrated by their father or as a method of establishing a false sense of self-worth or self-esteem and love. What is Teen Promiscuity?

    She dresses promiscuously and perhaps inappropriately i.

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