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Soon, the railcars provided nearly all of the railroad's meager passenger service. So, the company was sold when its value was as high as the Directorate thought they could get for their company.



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  1. It ran through Mason City, Iowa , which became an important traffic center for the railroad. They also set up small towns that would serve as shipping points and commercial centers, and attract businessmen and more farmers.

    The new town a hub for the cattle and grain industries.

    Canadian National owner of the former Illinois Central operated a short spur from Ackley, Iowa northwards to Geneva, Iowa into the early s. They also set up small towns that would serve as shipping points and commercial centers, and attract businessmen and more farmers.

    This consistency allowed for a unified message to be communicated among the instructional designers and content experts to ensure that the course revisions resulted in purposeful, participatory, and project-based materials, content, and assignments throughout every course in the MSTL program.

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