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The Small Business of the Year is Mr. The bakery features a variety of fresh-baked treats, and the lunch specials are generous and inexpensive. Natural Committed to a Mental Institution!


Natural Repents" among others. Despite his renunciation of the material world, he is an unrepentant sybarite. Crumb's bearded guru is too unapologetic to be called a con man.



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  1. S during the Beat era of the s, and is drawn to the San Francisco Bay area by nubile girls and people willing to listen and pay for his improvisational spirituality. While he is typically very cool and in control, he sometimes ends up in humiliating predicaments like languishing for years in a mental institution.

    He was a regular in Zap for the balance of the s until appearing in his own three-issue title, originally co-published by The San Francisco Comic Book Company and Apex Novelties. His straight talk, while refreshing, can get him into trouble, as when he was kicked out of heaven for telling God it's "a little corny" in "Mr.


    Natural is the inability of generations in the United States to connect, with each generation rejecting the one before it. He is endlessly being accosted by would-be disciples seeking the truth among them such long-running Crumb characters as Flakey Foont and Shuman the Human.

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