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In , their expansion into Eastern Canada began. In addition to the Canada AAA steaks and Mikeburgers that the chain is known for, they also offer salads, pastas, and seafood dishes.

Mr mikes bonnyville

During the early s, the economic downturn which particularly affected British Columbia forced the closing of several of the franchises. According to Chakrabarti, the company has received enough interest and commitment from potential franchisees that the chain will double the number of locations in the next three years.

Mr mikes bonnyville

Mr mikes bonnyville

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  1. MR MIKES creates a place for people to be themselves, socialize with their friends over tasty and affordable dining creations including MR MIKES signature steak and Mikeburgers , making memories over a good laugh and a nice glass of wine or a pitcher of cold beer.

    In addition to the Canada AAA steaks and Mikeburgers that the chain is known for, they also offer salads, pastas, and seafood dishes.

    During the late s, the brothers came up with the idea for their famous salad bar.

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