Montreal date ideas summer

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These two activities are things that you can enjoy together. You and your date can enjoy a completely free day by just walking down Montreal's Sainte-Catherines street.

Montreal date ideas summer

I suggest heading to The Pitfield Circle with some chairs, candles, and chocolates for a sweet date that will fly high in the eyes of that special someone! There are used as identifiers. We will use the following information to retarget readers on Facebook:

Montreal date ideas summer

Montreal date ideas summer

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  1. Daizragore

    I suggest doing this typical idea but at a less typical place. Personally, I adore their fish tacos and delightful sangria!

    It's sweet, fun, and it will bring you and your date closer together.

    I suggest taking your date to Old Montreal and showing them all the great architecture!

    So if you want to buy your dates heart with authentic food, then Europea is the place to be!

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