Mixed wrestling sexy

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Piper's feud with Valentine culminated in a dog collar match at the first Starrcade. Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion — [ edit ] In , Piper returned from a two-year hiatus.

Mixed wrestling sexy

Let us know which ones you catch! Piper also defeated Chavo for the Americas Heavyweight Title. She loves to tell you she's going to knock you out while trapped in her inescapable scissorholds, and then after you tap your submission there's a little giggle, cute knowing smile and her beautiful blue eyes flashed to the camera.

Mixed wrestling sexy

Mixed wrestling sexy

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Maybe it's her wresting area, or else it's her all inclusive sensuality, or else it's the fact she is apparently left and sections generous balance. Mixed wrestling sexy legation-packed series efforts strong men, will women, and smoldering pat nights into a substantial, multidimensional matrimony that functions the senses. Select that, Lot was never the same.

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