Mit spinning arts club

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We will try to mark the current week's location with a star, so that it is easy to spot. Trainers Only Spinjam Spinjams are non-fire sessions for people to practice, share knowledge, socialize, and build community.

Mit spinning arts club

The Student Center is the second building on the other side of the street. Firejams Firejams are sessions for safety-trained club members and their guests to practice with their props on fire. From Memorial Drive you will see a large building with lots of pillars across a vast swath of lawn.

Mit spinning arts club

Mit spinning arts club

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Craving Memorial is very country from because it has hints of games and large a few stairs reveal right up against the direction of Mem Cordon. Regular firejams are obligatory and run by our members at resting locations around campus.

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  1. A map of all the locations can be found here. Go into the building through the doors on the left and up to the 4th floor.

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